Masters before Medical School

Welcome back friends!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me on Instagram about the program I am enrolled in right now and what made me decide to go this route. I’m hoping to answer any questions many gap year and non-traditional pre-medical students have about choosing and applying to masters programs!

I am currently enrolled in a one-year Masters program. This is a one year masters program that allows me to take an MCAT prep course, complete a clinical program preceptorship, attend application workshops, and take first-year medical school courses! I applied to this masters program after I realized I may have to take a gap year after the 2016-2017 medical school application. I was more interested in the specialized one-year masters program than the traditional two-year masters programs because I knew I didn’t want to wait too long to apply to medical school a second time. I believe this program will help me increase my MCAT score, become a stronger applicant, and prepare for medical school rigor. The program I am in has been going on for a while now and so I have heard positive reviews from friends that have completed program. The program is very intense in that you take medical school courses in a short amount of time. It is NOT a placeholder for a gap year before medical school. You must take the program seriously and do very well in the classes in order for medical schools to view you as a competitive applicant! Not doing so could bring about negative consequences in that medical schools may question your readiness for professional school!

If you are someone who seeks a way to strengthen your application through experiencing medical school level courses, a specialized masters program may be a good fit for you! There are so many prepatory programs for medical schools out there so definitely look into the ones you’re interested in – whether they are postbac or masters programs – to see if it is right for you! I definitely had to spend a lot of time doing research before applying to any program.

Let me know if you have any specific questions below in the comments section and I will either get back to you or make another blog post specific to that topic! I hope this has been helpful for those thinking about what to do during gap years or those who simply want to prepare for medical school.




9 thoughts on “Masters before Medical School

  1. Hi there!! Is this the only program you applied to here in Texas? I know UIW has one but it’s new and not as established. Also what made you want to apply for medical school during the time you started this program instead of waiting after you complete it? Wouldn’t you have about 1 class to show you can handle the rigor with?


    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for reaching out! I only applied to UNTHSC and UIW’s Masters in Medical Sciences programs. I decided to apply to medical school while beginning this program b/c it is pretty well known to medical schools (especially out-of-state DO programs), and so they know what to expect of me as a MedSci student. Of course, applying when you have just begun the program isn’t what everyone does because there are a few students who decided to wait until next cycle to apply once they’ve graduated with their masters! It’s really just based on your personal judgement of whether you want to give it a shot and if you think your application is strong enough in other areas such as undergrad GPA, extracurricular activities, MCAT, etc. Hope this helps!


  2. Sorry I wanted to clarify my last sentence.. 1 class granted that you’re applying as early as you can in this cycle


  3. Just the website I was looking for! Do you mind sharing where your stats were around before entering this program? I graduated not too long ago from college and I’m finishing up my pre reqs. I have yet to take my mcat (will happen in January) but I already know that if I plan to apply in 2018 I need an smp no doubt. Can someone with a gpa a little below a 3.0 still get in do you believe?


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