FIGS Scrubs Review

Hi friends!

I’m back again this time with a review for the famous FIGS scrubs! I’ve bought my own pair of scrubs from FIGS a while ago, but this time they sent me their Catarina one-pocket scrub top and Livingston basic scrub pants in navy blue! I have worn them for quite some time so I am able to give you the best and most detailed review as I can. Many people have heard that FIGS are the softest scrubs around, and I will confirm to you that they are DEFINITELY the most comfortable scrubs I have ever worn. The softness provides comfort and flexibility in my daily job as a medical assistant. I used to be the type of person who would dread putting on scrubs and rush to take them off once I got off work, but that’s not the case for FIGS. I found myself on one occasion putting them on because I couldn’t find anything else more comfortable to study in! Now that’s a big deal! Now enough with the chit chat. Let me show you some pictures and give you my opinions so you can go check out their website and see if FIGS are the scrubs for you!

In this review, I’ll be discussing the style, fit, comfort, and my overall impression of this line.


Oh the comfort and freedom to move my arms!


Simple and functional. I was a bit skeptical about trying the one-pocket scrub top at first because I usually put many things in my pockets such as pens or notepads. Surprisingly I managed just fine without two pockets! The one pocket on the top left is helpful for holding pens, notes, and other light items. As you can see in the picture, the top has a cute v-neck which makes for a stylish and breathable fit! Now for the pants. I have never worn pants more comfotable than FIGS scrub pants. Not even yoga pants can beat these TBH! They’re so light and soft that I never feel like anything is weighing me down as I’m running back and forth at the pediatric clinic. The waistband is my favorite. It’s sturdy, stretchy, and comfortable. I’m not left with any indention at the end of the day on my hips and I don’t have any trouble putting the pants on. The strings add a little bit of color and chic to the pants in my opinon 😉



I am 113 lbs at about 5’2″. I ordered an XS in both top and bottom. The top fit very well and was very slim. My only concern about the top is that since they are very soft, when I wear my name tag on the left side of my chest, the badge/name-tag drags the V-neck down and exposes a little too much skin! It makes me a little worried when I don’t notice it and fix it before seeing patients. Other than that, the tops are such a great fit! The pants were a good length – not too short and not too long. However, I do wish there were at least 2 pockets in the pants! I find these scrubs not as useful unless I am wearing a coat or jacket with pockets to put all my things.

Overall Impression

I am overall very impressed with FIGS scrubs. I enjoy putting them on in the morning and heading off to work! When the clinic is busy, the last thing I want to worry about are my clothes being stiff or uncomfortable. That is definitely not the case for FIGS! I would definitely recommend this company to others in the healthcare industry because they are a major game changer. 🙂

Many thanks to FIGS for sponsoring this collaboration! Please check out their other products such as underscrubs and outer wear! 🙂





One thought on “FIGS Scrubs Review

  1. Hey! I am having THE hardest time figuring out my size in these! I’m usually a size 2 but can’t decide between xxs and xs. Any thoughts? What size pants do you normally wear?

    Thank you!


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