Jockey Scrubs Review

Hi friends!

This week I’ve been lucky to collaborate with Scrub Shopper to promote their Jockey scrubs line. After wearing them around for work, I am excited to say that these scrubs are one of my top favorites by far! For this month, you can visit this link here to enter for a chance to win a $250 giftcard for Enter by Saturday April 15, 2017. I highly encourage you to check out their website and take a look at some of their awesome products, especially the Jockey line 😉

In this review, I’ll be discussing the style, fit, comfort, and my overall impression of this line.


First off, let me say I’ve gotten a few compliments on these scrubs! I opted for the color purple as I have always gone with neutral colors but decided to go for a fun one this time instead. The subtle and simple designs reminds of me athletic sportswear since it’s also so well fitted. The v-neck just makes it look so chic! The top has 2 pockets and the bottoms have 4. Highly suggest going with fun colors as these are so cute and makes me want to work out!



I am 113 lbs at about 5’2″. I ordered an XS in both top and bottom. I knew from the moment I first looked at these scrubs that they were going to fit so well. At a glance of the scrub top, you could see a beautiful curvy fit at the waist to highlight your figure. To be honest, the scrub top looked like it could’ve been an active sportswear instead of scrubs! The scrub top fits perfectly. I am able to move my arms freely and the material is super soft. I have not experienced any discomfort so far! As for the scrub pants, they are super comfortable and is very stretchy. The material is so soft that I don’t feel like I’m trudging around or drowning in my pants. No discomfort that I can note and fits well around my waist. The only thing about the pants that I am not quite satisfied with is the length. It is much longer than I anticipated for an XS and am afraid that the bottom of my pants will wear out quickly. However, that is the only concern I have for the pants because the overall fit is great.


It’s a 10/10. Imagine sportswear, but for medicine 😉

That v-neck though 😉

Overall Impression

I am overall very impressed with the Jockey scrub line. I love wearing these scrubs to work and am able to do my job efficiently without my clothes weighing me down! I would definitely recommend it to others. Click on the link here for a chance to win a $250 giftcard for Scrub Shopper products by Saturday April 15, 2017! Good luck!

Many thanks to Scrub Shopper for sponsoring this collaboration! Please check out their other products in addition to the Jockey scrub line 🙂





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