On-the-go makeup flow!

So being a busy student and medical assistant, I don’t have hours to spend in front of the mirror. Usually I wake up with just enough time to brush my teeth, put on some clothes, do a tiny bit of makeup, eat some breakfast, and jet off to work/school! Today I want to share with you the basic necessities I have that I can easily and quickly put on before a busy day ahead.




I love quick and easy products. After washing my face, I go to the Physicians Formula CC cream. It’s organic and works like a charm! Since it’s a color correcting cream, it easily hides all the redness I get from my eczema as well as any other blemishes. I squirt a little on my fingers and put three dots under each eye, four dots on each cheek, four dots on my forehead, one dot on my nose, and one dot on my chin then blend it in with a cosmetic wedge that I buy at my local drug store. The best thing is that this quick and easy product has SUN PROTECTION — SPF 20!! We all know we definitely need to protect our skin from the sun to prevent burns, aging, and cancer. I love this product because it makes my face look brighter and more awake! These babies last forever so a great investment.

For my cheeks, I use a blush also by Physicians Formula. Their blush is a mix of pink, bronzer, and highlighter that I absolutely love because it’s like a 3-in-1! With one swipe of my fluffy brush by Covergirl, and I get all three effects right on my cheekbone. The color is gorgeous and helps give my face some definition and color since the CC cream leaves it looking flat and pale.



I have since explored different eye shadow palettes and different brands, but for the longest time this palette by Neutrogena was my go-to. It has built in primer, so no need to worry about an extra step and the colors are great for casual wear. The green shade goes over your eyelids, the pink on the crease of your eyeball, the brown-ish shade goes from the middle of your eyelid to the end to create that gradient effect and then the dark purple shade goes in the outer corners. Quick and easy! It never looks too dressed up, but it also gives your eyes a pop of color.

The Ciate London eyeliner is one of the items I received from Ipsy. I love it because there is such a fine tip that allows for a sleek line above my eyelid with accuracy. It’s also very pigmented so the ink is super dark so you only have to go over your eyelid once to get a prominent line.

The Too Faced mascara is also an Ipsy item, but I was dying to try it before I knew I was getting it. It works wonders! It makes my eyelashes so long and dark in just one or two swipes. It’s also super easy to remove unlike the cheap mascaras I used to buy that had me poking at my eye to get off.



When you’re on the go, you have no time to sit and perfectly draw in those eyebrows! In my case, I don’t even know how to draw in my eyebrows LOL. This product is my life-saver. The Anastasia tinted brow gel has a mascara-like tip that you use to go over your eyebrows with. I went the the shade “Espresso” and it makes my eyebrows look darker while keeping its natural shape. It’s so easy and quick and I can choose how dark I want to go. Usually I just want my eyebrows to stand out a bit when I have make-up on so this is the perfect product. Although quite pricey, definitely a great investment.


For a more fancy occasion, I would put on the Too Faced Melted Matte. The color I use is “Sell Out” and I love it because it’s not too bright nor too dark. I also love the matte look when I’m not feeling glossy. It definitely gives my face some color and stays on very well.

So there you have it! This is my daily routine. Although I have quite updated my products since receiving more from Ipsy, these are usually my go-to’s when I’m in a hurry. Will update you more in a few months if lots have changed! Until next time my beauties =)


Much love,



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