Class of 2016!

Hi friends,

Eeekk, I can’t believe I did it! I graduated college in less than 4 years with honors and DEBT FREE from one of the top 30 universities in the world. I am the first girl in my entire family to graduate from UT Austin after all my uncles on what was basically a full-ride scholarship! I couldn’t be more excited and proud to have accomplished such a big goal, and make my family proud. As a first generation student, there were difficult moments where I had no one to look to for advice, especially since no one else in my family was a pre-med. My accomplishments were 100% my own with the help of so many friends and mentors I’ve met along the way. Hard work and perseverance really does go a long way, and although I’m going to miss college so much, I am excited to see what adventure life will take me next!

I know you probably have some questions about me, who I am, and what have I made of my college experience, so I decided to put together a few facts about my undergrad life:

  • College: The University of Texas at Austin
  • Major: Honors in Advanced Human Development and Family Science
  • Thesis topic: Maternal depression and children’s socioemotional adjustment: The role of dyadic mutually responsive orientation and mothers’ aversion sensitivity
  • commuter
  • Organizations: Kappa Rho Pre-Medical Honor Society, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Freshman Research Initiative, Emerging Scholars Program, Global Medical Brigades, and Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society
  • Leadership: Social Coordinator and Historian for Kappa Rho Premedical Honor Society, and youth leader for Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society
  • Adventures: Medical mission trip in Honduras with Global Medical Brigades, and studied abroad in Italy

4 thoughts on “Class of 2016!

  1. Hi Anne,

    How did you know that you wanted to major in Human Development and Family Science?
    I want to go into pre med but I do not know what I would like to major.


    1. Hello!

      I actually didn’t know I wanted to be in HDFS when I entered college! I changed my majors twice before I realized that I want to spend my college years studying something that I was very interested in and wouldn’t have the chance to study beyond college. I decided on HDFS because I enjoy social science and psychology! It allowed me to classes in children’s development, children and public policy, and other classes that were interesting — even if it did not fit the pre-med mold. I encourage you to explore topics you have interest in and look into majors you think you can excel in. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


  2. Hi there! Congrats !
    I wanted ask, how many courses did you manage to take each semester? What was wisest for you? I find that the most difficult thing to do. Taking a full load as in 5 has always been a far fetched idea for me so I’ve always settled on 4 but even that requires me to work my butt off. Then when I took 3, that felt too little. What advice would have for soemehting like that ?


    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out. I took about 15 hours each semester (5 classes)! It was a good amount because it wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little so I still had time to study and participate in extracurricular activities. Take however many classes you think is best for you based on how well you’re doing academically! Also make sure that you’re able to find a good balance between studies and life. That’s the most important part 🙂


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