Reasons to {Fall} in love with Autumn

Well I may be a bit late to the game, but recently I’ve discovered a new love for the fall season!! Somehow I used to overlook this season and just go straight from summer to winter, but recently I’ve been more aware of my surroundings, the changing of the leaves, the cooler weather, and I can’t help but be more appreciative of this {cooler} time of the year 😉

Here are some reasons I’ve come to {fall} in love with Autumn. I hope you can relate and leave a comment below if there’s something I didn’t list that you enjoy about this season!

1) Autumn leaves

*Crunch, crunch, crunch* The sounds of fallen autumn leaves below my feet as I make my way across campus is such a glorious sound. Around me are red, brown, orange, and yellow leaves that {leaves} a lasting image in my mind! The fallen leaves remind me that we’ve come to a point in the year where we can begin to reflect what has happened to us since January, and prepare for a time of change. To me, the falling leaves symbolize a  riddance of the old, and the preparation for something new.


2) Pumpkins

Now I know there are many of you out there who are very excited about the pumpkin spice latte! Personally, I am not a big fan of the PSL but I absolutely love seeing everyone’s excitement at the arrival of PSL which basically means the end of summer and the beginning of fall. My love for all includes pumpkin carving, pumpkin patches, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie!! I just said pumpkin so much now the word seems so weird to me 😀 Anyways, I’ve always dreamed of going to a big and beautiful pumpkin patch, but have yet to do so! Eventually though I hope to go to one and maybe even jump on a hay ride 😉 pumpkin

3) 60 degrees please

The weather for fall is just PERFECT — my kind of weather! Raise your hand if you agree 😉 The weather is cooler, somehow seems fresher, and just on point. I love the breeziness to where you can wear a jacket, but also not be freezing without one. Also, I am super happy to not be walking around campus with that back sweat dribbling down anymore.

Fall weather is awesome for walking my dog, Olaf, pictured above 🙂

Sweater weather

Speaking of the cooler weather, I love being able to bring out my comfy and cozy sweaters! I am definitely a sweater kind of girl and cannot wait to pair them up with some boots, scarves, and cute handbag 😉 Definitely going to be on the hunt for some more sweaters because I cannot have enough! sweater-weather

4) Boots on boots on boots

Yep, you name it. Rain boots, knee-high boots, riding boots, regular boots, booties, BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS. I love boots to wear with a snug pair of tights and trot around campus. Always so comfy and stylish 😉 Although when I wear boots for a long time, my feet starts to really ache 😦 So I’m wondering if anyone would have any advice on how to wear boots but not end up with sore feet?! boots

5) Coffee, coffee, coffee

You already know I am a coffee addict, so what the heck does this have to do with autumn?! Well, let me tell you. I enjoy the transition of getting iced coffee in the summer to ordering hot drinks towards the winter! Among my favorites are hot hazelnut macchiato, white chocolate mocha, and green tea latte. Something about that sweater weather that makes a cup of hot coffee in hand just about right. Also I am totally looking forward to the RED cups and Christmas drink hehe. fullsizerender-3

Well there you have it! All of the reasons why I enjoy autumn. Leave a comment for why YOU like autumn, and I will see you next time!!


Much love,




*pictures not by me unless stated*


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