❤ Italy will always have a pisa my heart ❤

After getting off the Trenitalia Regionale, I stepped into what seemed like a small and quiet town. The town was not what I expected because there were very little people at first. As usual, the scenery was quite beautiful. Navigating from the train station to the tower was not that hard! All we had to do was walk straight down this road and it took us right to Piazza del Duomo 🙂

While the town was quiet, Piazza del Duomo was very much alive and CROWDD!  We saw hundreds of people gathered to take pictures, tour the Duomo, and climb up the tower! So that’s where everyone went…

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The tower was incredible. Actually leaning and still standing! It was crazy how much you can see it lean up close. Such a big tower and yet how is it still standing?! It was quite a sight. In front of the Duomo and the tower was a large patch of super green grass that no one was allowed to step on. Everyone was on the railing and standing on to take pictures with the tower. The further you go, the better picture you can get of yourself “holding up” the tower! We took a ton of pictures.



We took a break and went to cool off in the nearby Gelato shop and bought a few souvenirs. There are lots of vendors out there so be sure to bargain your way to a decent price! Some souvenirs are priced way more expensive than they should be. Unfortunately we were all so tired we decided not to go into the Duomo or climb the tower. The line wasn’t very long to climb the tower, but I was saving money to go to Cinque Terre so did not want to spend too much after all the souvenirs.

Overall, our day trip to Pisa was very fun! It was definitely an item to check off my bucket-list, and to see the tower in real life is unforgettable. There may have been other activities to do in Pisa, but our group didn’t quite get to it. However, some advice I can give on visiting would be to:

  • wear comfortable shoes for the walk
  • wear cute clothes for pictures
  • bring a hat — there’s not a lot of shade!
  • Be energized because it’s going to take more than one try to get that perfect picture!
Details on the entrance of the tower
Hook ’em from Italy!! Had to quickly take this shot because the Longhorn sign has a whole other meaning in Italy….and not a good one!
Touristy me 🙂

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