My Blogging Beginnings

13406723_10207956415442624_8623065915666812664_nWelcome, welcome!

This past summer I was applying to medical schools, and happened to come across a few Instagram accounts of medical students documenting their journeys and offering advice for fellow pre-meds. I was so inspired by the aesthetics of their photos and content of their blogs that it made me want to create my own blog with my own ideas and advice!

What makes my page different is that I am not a medical student yet. I am in my last semester of college and waiting for medical school interviews. I want to use the blog to reach out to other pre-meds who, like me, battle insecurities, uncertainty, and anxiety. I know I’m not the only one out there with these feelings, and I have yet to find a blogger who can relate to me. That’s why I want this to be an open and honest platform. I will be documenting my ups as well as my downs while offering advice and tips based on my own experiences.

As a fellow pre-med who does not have a perfect GPA or MCAT score, I’m here to create a supportive environment for all those in the same shoes. My passion for medicine is unwavering, and no matter how winding and curvy the road I have to take to become a physician, I know I want that MD/DO.

If you have certain topics you would like me to address, please feel free to contact me and I will most definitely try my best to write a post about it! Follow me on Instagram for my feeble attempt at aesthetically pleasing photos, but also for my down-to-earth and your-average-everyday-college-girl posts.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you’ll stick with me through my journey πŸ™‚


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